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Why Utah Is a Great Place to Go for Massage College

writes on June 8, 2017

So you’ve already made the decision — or are at least thinking about the many reasons — to go to massage therapy school. The education you will receive is valuable, opens the door to many different career paths and helps you get in tune with the human body. What more can you ask for out of a year (or less) of school?

In case you need convincing to come to the state with the greatest snow on earth, beautiful national parks, all four seasons and a booming and growing metropolitan area, here are three reasons why Utah is a great place to come for massage therapy school.

Lead an Active Lifestyle

All good massage therapists practice what they preach — moving out to Utah can help you do just that. Massage therapy is about connecting with, healing and activating the body. With the wide range of outdoor activities that the Beehive State has to offer, you’ll have a world of opportunity to get active.

As a student at Myotherapy College of Utah, you can go fishing on a Friday, skiing on a Saturday and Sunday and mountain biking on a Monday.

Work with Elite Athletes

While Utah is famous for it’s tourism, it’s also home to many elite athletes. The Utah Jazz depends on massage therapy to keep their players healthy through the regular season and into playoffs.

Besides the Olympic training facility that is home to the US Ski and Snowboard teams, the mountains attract athletes from around the world to compete and explore. From strengthening the body to rehabilitating injuries, these winter athletes are in constant need of massage therapy.

Finally, there are two NCAA Division One football programs, whose players rely on good health to compete at such a high level.

Open Space is Good for Mental Health

College can be a stressful time for anyone, but massage college doesn’t have to be — especially not here in Utah. Even in the Salt Lake City metro area, views of the mountains paint the horizon — open space is a great environment to support mental health.

Whether it’s the opportunity for leisure or the potential for career growth, Myotherapy College of Utah is situated in the perfect location to make your massage college dreams come to life.

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