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Types of Massages

writes on July 25, 2017

For some people, the idea of letting a stranger rub away all of their aches and pains while somewhat unclothed is odd or disturbing. Yet, for others, it is so appealing that they are willing to pay good money for an hour long session. Although slightly unconventional, massage has been a staple in societies for centuries. Across the globe, different massages are given and serve different purposes.

Those who attend massage school receive an education incredibly different than most. One of the best parts of this industry is its absolute uniqueness. Massage requires incredible physical strength, but also emotional and spiritual. A quality massage is an all-inclusive experience, as a trained massage therapist rids of physical pains and provides spiritual strength.

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  • Chickadee

    Good morning – two suggestions for this page on Types of Massages – 1) replace the blurry PDF of the list of massages, so potential customers of professional/student massages clearly can see overview what you are offering; and 2) provide a brief description of what type of massage is or beneficial effects it has. Great start!

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