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The Benefits of Small Class Sizes

writes on April 7, 2016

small class sizes


For more than 20 years of providing quality education and experience, we believe that Myotherapy College of Utah offers the most exceptional massage therapy program in Utah for several factors; the in-depth knowledge, passion and experience of the faculty, the warm and welcoming surrounding and the extensive support and services. Another considerable factor that sets us apart from other massage schools within the region is the quality learning build by the small class size.


Studies have revealed that smaller class sizes are exceedingly beneficial to the learning and experience of the students. So, how exactly it benefits the learners?


1. Academic Performance

Generally, studies show that students in smaller class sizes perform better in school compared to those enrolled in larger classes. Students in smaller classes tend to be ahead in theory and content knowledge and score higher in most assessments. This is because teachers are able to reduce the learning gap by identifying their weaknesses and strengths and provide personalized teaching based on their individual talents. It also allow a certain degree of professional and personal communication that is quite impossible in larger groups.


2. Personalized Attention

While academic excellence is a key factor of student success, it is not the only measurement. Findings show that student engagement provide positive feedback to the student’s ability to learn intellectually and adapt to educational challenges. Learners are much more likely to interact and engage with their instructors rather than listen passively during the class. On the other hand, as teachers, they are more able to observe closely the student’s performance, rectifying them with their poor stroke techniques or improper body mechanics.


3. Long-Term Career Success

The benefits of smaller programs extend beyond scores and engagement. These variables, if combined positively, it could contribute to a more successful massage career. At Myotherapy College of Utah, we work truly hard to help each student achieve their career goals and lead them straight to a successful path.


If you are thinking about having massage therapy as a career, join our program now! Reach us out at or call 801-484-7624 and we’ll be ready to help you each step of the way.


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