The Benefits of Being a Massage Therapist

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The Benefits of Being a Massage Therapist

The Benefits of Being a Massage Therapist

writes on July 11, 2013

The Benefits of Being a Massage Therapist



One of the greatest benefits of being a massage therapist is knowing that you are helping others heal their bodies and reduce the stress in their lives.  It is a great feeling knowing that you are giving someone a better quality of life. There are many other benefits that come with being a massage therapist including career specific training, strong job lookout, and the ability to practice massage therapy on your terms.

Effective Career Specific Training

Most college programs require taking many classes that are not related to the career path you may be pursuing.  This can make education longer and more expensive.  With massage therapy, the program is designed with the career in mind.  Myotherapy’s massage therapy program can be completed in less than 8 months, allowing anyone to start their career in massage therapy and get licensed in less time than it would take to get an associate degree at most colleges.

Job Outlook

The job outlook is great for massage therapy.  According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for massage therapist is expected to grow by 20 percent from 2010 to 2020.  This is a faster pace than the average occupation.  With continued growth, there will be many new openings for new massage therapists making a licensed massage therapist very employable.

Several Career Paths

With massage therapy, there are several ways you can use your education and training to pick the best career path for you.  Many licensed massage therapists work in the spa industry.  This career path can take you anywhere in the world to any spa.  Many licensed massage therapists work for chiropractors, pain clinics and doctors.  Quite often a licensed massage therapist  will work with other massage therapists in an office.

A great option for a licensed massage therapist with an entrepreneurial spirit is to open his/her own practice.  You can set your own hours, decide what to charge your clients, have a private office or work out of your home.  You can even travel to your clients.


If you think being a licensed massage therapist may be the career for you, Myotherapy College of Utah provides a massage training program that is unmatched by any other.  You can graduate and become licensed in just over 7 months.  Learn more about our program at our Premier Utah Massage school website or come by and visit.


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