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Science Meets Healing

writes on October 25, 2017

Many students believe that college’s general education requirements are pointless and settle with achieving the bare minimum grade for the class. They find a previous student’s homework to copy off, sluff class sessions and space out during lectures.

Regardless of what you did in past general education courses, Anatomy is not a class to ignore as you are completing a degree at a massage therapy school. Understanding the human anatomy is essential knowledge as a massage therapist, and this class is not to be taken lightly. People wouldn’t visit a car mechanic that does not understand the anatomy of a car, so why would they let someone lacking knowledge of the human anatomy work on their bodies?

What You Learn at Massage School

Students in massage school learn a myriad of techniques and proper client care, but understanding the human body might be the most important lesson. Knowing how the human body works, how the parts interact with each other and the reactions the body stimulates when it interacts with certain things can make a massage therapist stand out, as they truly know their client’s needs.

A massage therapist should have a deep understanding on how they affect the client’s body. If the neck is rubbed the wrong way, a part of the client’s body could become numb or a nerve could tingle. As a massage therapist, you do not want to have a reputation of discomforting clients.

Anatomy in the Works

With anatomy, not only do you have a heightened sense of the client’s needs, but you also value the benefits of your therapy. If a client books an appointment due to a sore shoulder, you know precisely how to treat them and can see the transformation throughout the appointment. After asking a few questions, you can narrow down reasons the shoulder is sore and you can educate your client how to prevent the irritation, as well as how to treat it if it acts up again.

A massage therapy school has a mission to educate their students so they feel confident in treating clients, but massage therapists need to understand how and why their practice is healing. That understanding begins and ends with anatomy — massage school makes sure you get all the relevant knowledge you need.


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