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Director of Education, Kirk Jorgensen

Kirk is the Director of Education at Myotherapy College of Utah. He has been with the college since 2002. He is responsible for developing and revising the curriculum as needed. He also works to develop and manage the faculty. Kirk has been a Licensed Massage Therapist for 15 years and a massage instructor for 12 years. He is interested in the connectedness of all manual therapies, physical and subtle. In his private practice he specializes in Adaptive Eclectic Massage. He loves movies, to exercise, visit the ocean and hike the mountains.


Director of Admissions, Janet Peacock

Janet graduated from Myotherapy College of Utah in May 2000 and is a Licensed Massage Therapist. In October 2001 she became the Director of Admissions. Her goal is to help you understand our curriculum and assist you with scheduling and pricing and give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about our college. She loves the interaction she has with prospective students and gives each one her individual attention. Janet is also an instructor for the college and teaches Practice Building II, Reiki, and three levels of Thai Massage. She has trained with 5 instructors in the traditional Thai protocol in the United States and traveled five times to Chiang Mai, Thailand to study with two different masters of this modality. Janet has her own private practice as well.


Director of Placement, Kristi Nielson

Kristi has been with Myotherapy College of Utah since September 2008, and has had the role of as the Placement Director since May 2015. Kristi provides graduate and career services, massage table sales, and has many other school responsibilities. Responsibilities include but aren’t limited to, student placement services and the tracking of graduate placement, sales of massage tables/chairs/accessories to students. Also assists the president with Diamond SIS student accounts receivable and overall college accounts payable, supply and equipment ordering.


Director of Financial Aid, Dan Smith

Dan is a Licensed Massage Therapist, graduating from Myotherapy College of Utah in May 2009. The most recent addition to the staff, he is the Financial Aid Administrator assisting students through the financial aid process for attending school. He enjoys working with the students and helping them understand what financial aid options are available to them in achieving their goals. Dan is also an instructor at the college, certifying students in First Aid/CPR. He is also a Teaching Assistant in a variety of other bodywork classes at the college. Additionally, Dan has his own private practice in massage.

Office Manager, Kelli Hill

Kelli was hired as a receptionist in March 2016 and took on the role of Office Manager three months later.  She assists the administrative staff, faculty and students with enrollment, registration picking up books, making payments, buying lotion and more.  Kelli also provides management support to the Admissions Office and CEO.  She loves getting to know the students and help bring more people to MCU!

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Ray and Michelle Henderson

We manage and represent the family ownership of Myotherapy College of Utah. Our primary goal is to help our students, graduates and clients realize the benefits of Healing Massage Therapy. We accomplish this by employing excellent instructors who are professional massage therapists and have a desire to teach and mentor our students. We strive to create a warm, family atmosphere at our college to enhance a students’ learning experience. Our administrative staff that is second to none and provides the support students need to complete our program and start their new massage therapist career. Our newly opened Myotherapy Clinic offers students an opportunity to work side by side with seasoned licensed massage therapists while giving our clients healing massage therapy in a relaxed environment.