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Myotherapy Admissions

Myotherapy Admissions Process

“Myotherapy admissions was really easy, I chose Myotherapy College because the school met the high standards of what I wanted to learn. The teachers and staff care about my education. I know they genuinely want me to succeed because of the time they dedicate to each student. I’m so happy that I found a school that cares about my dream of becoming a massage therapist as much as I do.” —Julia Parker

Transfer Credit Policy

Myotherapy College of Utah accepts transfer credits from other institutions according to the following guidelines:

  • The Transcript, course description, syllabi or other supporting documentation must demonstrate that the course taken at the other institution is of similar length and content to the course for which transfer is requested.

  • Application for transfer credit must include official transcripts showing a “C” grade or better in the course. Other supporting documentation may be required (i.e. Course catalog, syllabi, course descriptions, etc.).

  • The course(s) must have been taken at an accredited institution.

  • The maximum number of transfer credits that will be accepted toward completion of the program is 19 for the Basic Core Program.

  • All transfer credit applications must be made before the student originally enrolls.

  • After all requested supporting documentation is received, the student will be notified within 30 calendar days whether or not the request to accept the transfer will be granted.

  • Myotherapy College of Utah reserves the right to deny a request for transfer credit based on time that has passed since the course was taken on a case by case basis.