Athletes: Massage Therapy for Injury Prevention in this Cold Season

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Athletes: Massage Therapy for Injury Prevention in this Cold Season

writes on February 9, 2016

massage therapy


As the temperature becomes lower outside, we believe it’s time to revamp your workout regimen for the colder weather. Injuries brought by the cold season are common due to a number of factors which includes environmental  influence and the adaptation of our body’s system to temperature fluctuations. Because we value you so much, we’ll share with you the tips to avoid such injuries and maintain an optimal health and well-being especially in this chilly season.

Wear the Proper Gear

First things first, you must be appropriately dressed to combat the freezing weather. One good rule-of-thumb is to dress for 10 degrees colder than it actually is – particularly before warming up your muscles. However, you can add more layers of clothing for protection depending on the temperature outside. The key in keeping yourself warm without overheating is to ensure you are dressed in layers as it can be removed when your body begins to heat up to avoid dampness resulting from too much clothing.

Maximize Stretching and Warm Up

Cold weather may cause the muscles to contract as they lose more heat. This could result to tightness all over the body and muscles losing its range of motion. As athletes, it is essential to know that your muscles need to be vitally stretched and warmed up before pushing them to intense activities to avoid further injuries. Hence, warming up on cold weather needs to be extra lengthy to avoid injuries caused by muscle tightness. When the temperature is 45 degrees or lower, you can do your warm up for at least 10 minutes and consequently add another 5 minutes if the temperature drops below 35 degrees. You may start  with light cardio and end with static stretches for the firmest muscle group of your body such as quadriceps.

Boost Healing with Massage Therapy

Cold temperature may cause the muscles to work extra hard to function at normal levels – putting more tension and stress on them. Massage therapy can help in relieving muscle soreness and enhance flexibility, preventing injury and reducing recovery period. Moreover, massage therapy is widely known to improve circulation, improve lymphatic drainage, and assist in the excretions of body wastes and toxins. And in case you already incorporate massage as part of your workout routine, you may want to book a massage therapy more frequently during the colder periods to fight the effects of the cold temperature on your muscles.



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