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Massage Therapy Career

writes on October 22, 2014

Massage Therapy Career


If you’ve already decided you want a career in massage therapy, your next step is to get the best education so that you can become a successful massage therapist. Here are the top five reasons you should attend Myotherapy, Utah’s premier massage therapy college.

1. Accredited

If you want to be taken seriously as a massage therapist, you need to be educated by an accredited institution. Myotherapy College of Utah was founded in 1987 and is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges. It is also accredited by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. So what does this mean for you? It means that you are sure to receive the instruction necessary to pass certifications you’ll need to be a licensed massage therapist.

2. Personalized Training

We have small class sizes, with none of the courses exceeding 20 students. In most cases, classes have about twelve students. This means that you will be able to work closely with the instructor to ensure that you completely understand each technique and concept as you go through the program.

3. Experience in the Field

Not only have we been teaching massage therapy techniques for 26 years, but we also have experienced, trained instructors in the massage therapy field. Our instructors have years of experience as licensed massage therapists in all the different types of massage therapy.

4. Flexibility

As a student at Myotherapy, you will have flexibility in the career path you choose. This is due to the fact that we offer training and certification in different massage therapy styles, including acutherapy, spinal touch, and sports massage. We teach a total of 20 different massage therapy styles. We offer day and evening classes. Our flexible class schedule makes it easy for you to work your education into your personal schedule.

5. Financial Aid

While a massage therapy program may initially seem expensive, it’s important to remember that you will be done with your schooling in as little as eight months! That means you can begin your career as soon as you become certified. We offer career placement services that can help you quickly start a successful career. If finances are a concern for you, our staff members are willing to work with you to help you find financial aid if you qualify. You may be surprised to find that you can qualify for financial aid for both part-and full-time enrollment at Myotherapy College of Utah.



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