Learn Massage Therapy Courses

Myotherapy College of Utah has qualified staff and faculty with over 26 years of experience in both teaching and practice. We utilize a unique approach using smaller and more personalized classes. We offer an excellent and comprehensive massage training in various massage courses to prepare you for flourishing and successful profession in the field of massage.

Learning massage courses demand effort, skills, time and years of experience. However, or goal is to maintain an overall environment where your personal learning experience will be enjoyable and memorable.

Courses in Massage

Listed below are the massage training courses and program offered by Myotherapy College of Utah:


Anatomy and Physiology

Applied Anatomy



Business Practices

Chair/Trigger Point Massage

Clinical Lab

Clinical Orthopedics

Cranial I

Cranial II

Crystal and Stone Awareness

Deep Tissue Massage

Emotional Release

Energy Essentials I


Exercise Physiology



Five Elements

Functional Anatomy





Lymphatic Drainage I

Lymphatic Drainage II

Medical Massage

Medical Terminology

Neurology I

Neurology II

Nutrition I & II

Oriental Meridians/Shiatsu I

Oriental Pathology

Pathology I

Pathology II

Pathology III

Pharmacology for Bodyworkers

Polarity I

Positional Release

Practice Building I

Practice Building II

Pre and Post Natal Massage

Psycho-Somatic Principles



Russian Massage

Segmental Bodywork

Shiatsu II

Shiatsu III

Shiatsu Lab

Spa Techniques

Spinal Touch I

Spinal Touch II

Sports Massage

Sports Massage II

Sports Pathology

Student Clinic I/II/III

Survey of Bodywork

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage Lab I/II

Tai Chi I

Thai Massage

Thai Massage II (side lying)

Thai Massage for the Table

Therapeutic Principles

Therapeutic Touch (TT)

Touch for Health I

Touch for Health II

Tuina Musculoskeletal

Tuina Systemic

Upper Body Myofascial Techniques

Utah Laws, Rules, and Ethics


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