Why Should You Get a Postpartum Massage?

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Why Should You Get a Postpartum Massage?

writes on September 21, 2017

Having a baby is one of those moments you will remember forever. The first time you hold your baby, it may not even feel real. It’s hard to believe you grew an entire person in you for a full nine months, and now you get the pleasure of holding him in your arms.

Nine months of pregnancy and birthing a baby can be rather hard on your body. One way to reward yourself for this selfless endeavor is by getting a massage after giving birth. Contact a massage therapy school near you to set up an appointment and start receiving benefits from postpartum massages.

Reduce Swelling

Bodies are amazing and adapt when a baby is growing inside of them. Your body swells in places you never thought could get any bigger. There is an increase in fluid of up to 50 percent in your body. Once you have the baby and are determined to get rid of the fluid, massages can help the process of eliminating the excess liquids.

Better Sleep

You have been uncomfortable for the past nine months, and now that the baby is here you spend all your time taking care of him. You definitely aren’t getting enough sleep or taking enough time for yourself. Schedule an appointment at a massage therapy school for a moment of relaxation. The massage will reduce fatigue and increase relaxation. Sleep is vital for postpartum recovery.

Pain Relief

You knew that carrying a baby and giving birth would be painful, but it doesn’t stop there. By breastfeeding taking care of your child, you may be experiencing new and unique aches. A massage can help reduce that. With the proper massage regime, you may be able to eliminate pain without medication. If you‘ve suffered from any tingling or numbness, tell your massage therapist to see how they can help.

There are many benefits to receiving massages after having a baby. Some of the symptoms may not go away entirely in one session, requiring you to schedule out multiple appointments. Contact a massage therapy school and schedule your well-deserved postpartum massage.


Benefits of Prenatal and Postpartum Massage

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