Why Get a Massage at a Massage School?

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Why Get a Massage at a Massage School?

writes on June 19, 2017

You might be thinking that you would rather go to a professional to get a massage than going to a student at a massage school. By the time you are done reading this post, you will have changed your mind.


On average, people spend nearly $60 for an hour long massage. This average can change dramatically depending on where you live — it also depends on why you are getting a massage, for reasons such as therapy or stress relief. At the massage therapy school in Utah, it is only costs $25 for 50 minutes. That is $35 less than that of a professional therapist. If you have always wanted a massage but never wanted to spend the money on it, going to school would be the best option for you.


The famous saying, “practice makes perfect,” definitely applies here. If you go to a professional, who has been out of school for a very long time, they will most likely make you feel awesome — that doesn’t mean that they are doing it correctly, though. Over the years they may have found different ways to cut corners.
Students are in their learning prime; they are constantly going over the correct form and techniques for massages in their everyday classes. Getting massaged by someone who is currently going through the curriculum will help make sure the procedures are as accurate as possible.

Same Benefits

Whether you go to a school or a professional, the benefits are the same. You will get a great massage and feel revitalized after the session. When getting a massage on a regular basis, you will see improvement in your health and wellness.
Wouldn’t you rather pay $35 less for a massage with a student, who is actively getting trained to do a good job? It’s a no brainer, of course you would.


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  • artistica101

    Your students have done a great job on my last few session at the school. Thanks.

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