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Choosing the Right Massage School For You

writes on March 14, 2016

choosing the best massage school


While finding the right massage school can be an overwhelming process, it is also the most important decision you will ever have to make in your career as a massage therapist. With so much things to consider, it’s hard to tell which school will give you the best massage training for your money. To help you decide which school is worth the investment, here are some of the things you should look into when choosing the best  massage school:


1. Accredited Massage Therapy Program

Although regulations in every state could vary greatly, most states still require licensure to ensure standards and competency. Knowing whether the school you are interested in is nationally-recognized will help you achieve a standard level of education and adequately prepare you to practice as a licensed massage therapists.

2. Career Preferences

Determine which school offers program that matches your career needs, intentions and schedule. If you work during the day or just too busy to take classes, look for a school which provides flexible class schedules. Other schools also offer smaller massage classes for more personalized training and attention.

3. Program Faculty and Staff

Take time to know the experience and credentials of the faculty. Skilled and competent mentors will help you build a strong and secured foundation necessary for your clinical experience and preparation for professional practice.

4. Student Services

Research for the availability of student services – financial aid, continuing education, career and placement services, to name a few. These open the opportunity for personal and professional growth, helping transition students to a successful and rewarding career in massage therapy.

5. Educational Cost

Massage school depicts a significant investment of time and money and we all want to invest wisely. Consider the tuition fee and any other costs such as books, massage table, supplies and other additional necessities. Also check for financial aid availability to help you cover for the educational cost.


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