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Choosing the best Massage Therapy Schools in Utah

writes on May 25, 2016


albert-einsteinEducation is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school. ~Albert Einstein



How exactly will you choose the best massage therapy school in your place? How will you know if that school is best for you? Is your decision right?
Here are some questions that serve as your guide in choosing the right school for you:


1. How long has the Massage Therapy School been offering massage therapy training?

Massage Therapy Schools offers

Myotherapy College of Utah is founded in 1987. For 30 years, their goal is to provide an avenue of learning to develop the potential in that student and lead them to a successful massage career for 7.5 months. And their program is accredited to Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC).



2. What are the qualifications of school’s instructional staff?

Massage Therapy Schools staff

A school having an instructional staff is one of the important factors that determine the quality of the massage therapy program. Don’t hesitate to ask about their standards for their instructors. According to the owner, Myotherapy College is one of the massage schools in Utah that have a good professional staffs and they accomplish their mission by employing excellent instructors who are PMT and have desire to teach and mentor the students.


3. What are the school’s philosophy for teaching and mentoring?

Massage Therapy Schools teachers

It’s nice to enter a school that has an instructor that who inspire us. There are different approaches of massage therapy that are taught and been practiced (e.g. relaxation, wellness, stress reduction, body/mind integration, energy balance, etc.) As Myotherapy College they have a flexible program that makes the student have good options to customize their education experience.


4. How does the school support its students and graduates?

Massage Therapy Schools graduates

It is not enough that the school has good education reputation but also how they support the students before and after the program. The school must be at the student’s back supporting them along in their academic journey and help them to find job after they pass the licensure exam. Myotherapy College has their LMT Job List in their official website to help the graduates find massage therapist jobs in Utah. Visit for the list of full-time, part-time or even temporary jobs in your area.


5. Does the school offer continuing education?

Massage Therapy Schools continuing education

If you want to continue education hours to become a re-certified you can enroll at Myotherapy College of Utah continuing courses. You can call 1-801-484-7624 for more information.


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