The Beginner’s Guide to Establishing a Career in Massage

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Career in Massage

The Beginner’s Guide to Establishing a Career in Massage

writes on October 6, 2016

With massage therapy gaining popularity these days, more and more people are becoming interested about pursuing a career in massage. Another consideration individuals are choosing this profession because of work flexibility. Massage therapist can practice their skills at their preferred time and location and can even work as an independent practitioner.


So, what does it takes to start a career in massage? This guide will briefly explicate the steps one has to undertake in order to establish a successful career in this field.


1. Choose a Reliable Massage School

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They are over 300 accredited massage institutions in the United States and choosing the best one won’t surely be as easy as abc. It is highly imperative to consider certain factors like the instructor credibility, size of classes and schedule flexibility. We have enumerated some good points in our previous post to help you decide which school is worth the investment.


Also, it is equally significant to take into account your location so it will also be convenient for you to travel to and from school. To help you look for massage schools near you, visit


2. Complete an Accredited Training Program

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Massage programs only require a minimum of high school diploma, but post-secondary education is an edge. Know whether the program you are enrolling is accredited by the accrediting bodies like the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences (NACCAS), the Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation (COMTA), the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES), and the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences (NACCAS). Complete the accredited course in an accredited massage school that will qualify and allow your to practice in your desired location.


3. Meet the Requirements

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Upon graduation, the next step is to comply all the requirements of your state or anywhere you desired where massage therapy is strictly regulated. This includes obtaining licensure and other necessary credentials. Most states require completing a minimum number of hours of training and passing the Massage & Bodywork Licensing Exam (MBLEx). Others, however, mandates you to enroll to a continuing education program; hence, it is important to determine the requirements of your state first.


4. Obtain a Board Certification

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A board certification indicates that a massage therapist has accomplished a higher degree of professional achievement above entry level licensure. It serves as the highest voluntary credential which can be obtained from the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB).


5. Join a Professional Association

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Professional organizations, like the American Massage Therapy Association, provide massage therapists assistance and opportunities in the field and help advance them in their practice. More of the AMTA’s membership benefits are detailed here


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