5 Lesser Known Benefits of Massage

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Benefits of Massage

5 Lesser Known Benefits of Massage

writes on July 7, 2015

Benefits of Massage


How often do you receive massage therapy? How long has it been since you last received a professional massage? Turns out, if you aren’t receiving frequent and consistent massage, you could be missing out on a myriad of lesser known health benefits. Here are just a couple of them…


1. Eternal Youth

OK, so maybe massage won’t literally give you eternal life, but studies have shown that it CAN in fact make you look younger!! Regular facial massage has been shown to rejuvenate the skin and give you a healthy glow without the need for harsher treatments that can leave the skin feeling compromised or injured.


2. Immune Boosting Super Strength


You know those people who never seem to get sick no matter what garbage is going around? You could be one of those people, and massage can help! Studies have shown that people who receive regular massage are actually helping to boost their immunity, which in turn helps them fight the nastiness that always seems to be “going around”.


3. Brain Power

Who wouldn’t want to be a super genius?  Whether you choose to use your powers for Good or Evil is totally up to you, either way massage can help to get you there.  Research indicates that regular massage can help sharpen brain function by increasing circulation and blow flow to all of that beautiful grey matter.


4. Making “That Time” a Little More Bearable

If you have ever experienced the “joys” of womanhood, you can appreciate how any type of relief during this time of the month  is a welcomed one.  Believe it or not, regular and frequent massage can be a great tool for helping to minimize and alleviate the symptoms and side effects that come along with an unruly cycle.



That’s right, you heard it, regular and consistent massage can actually help to make you a overall happier human.  Studies have also shown that individuals suffering from depression have also seen symptom relief from receiving frequent massage.



Wanna put a little more happy in your dance?  Myotherapy College of Utah would love to get you on the road to better overall health and wellness. Give us a call today (801.484.7624) to schedule an appointment for a fantastic massage in either our Student, or Professional Clinic. Either way you book, the prices can’t be beat and the benefits will have you wondering how you ever did without the healing power of massage in your life.


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  • It definitely helps with stress and depression and it just feels so good.Happiness !!!!

  • valcaro87

    this contributes a lot! “individuals suffering from depression have also seen symptom relief from receiving frequent massage”.. i also do hiking for the “stress relieving” or sometimes travel 🙂

  • Precious Leyva

    Wow, I didn’t know that myotherapy could help boost your immune system. I do have the tendency to get sick a lot, especially in the winter. Myotherapy should be something that I can look into. If anything can help me get sick less, I’ll do it; it also helps that massages are a stress reliever.

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